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09-27-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by DangerMan View Post
I don't want to be in a situation where I have to hate the kid, so I'm not getting goated into that argument. He can play on my team any day of the week. I'm just comparing style. I'm not comparing ceiling. Lazar obviously has another gear in his step and the offense will come this year. The thing that will make Lazar noticed more than anything will be how he is used in situational hockey, anywhere, anytime. Those have been calling cards for Stoll and Fisher and it will be a calling card for Lazar too. Even if the offense doesn't come around at the pro level, he will still have that aspect to rely on. That's where the comparisons end, nothing more, nothing less.

We can't forget that he is coming off a 20 goal, 31 point season, while Hunter Shinkaruk put up 49Gs. He did have 19 points in 20 games in the playoffs, so his game took it up notch. Forgive me if I want to see his offensive flourish a bit more before I start calling him elite. For the record I have Shinkaruk slightly ahead of Lazar but its only by one spot, both in the top 10.
There is some pretty big differences between Lazar and shinkaruk though. The two biggest reasons being ones that change your argument in a pretty big way.

1 and less important is that hunter had etem on the same line. That's a pretty big plus To have and one Lazar was not privy too.

Secondly and more importantly, Lazar was playing his rookie season and hunter was in his sophomore season. Lazar actually outacored hunter in their respective rookie years. Oh and he earned some top lie time on the whl champions down the stretch. That's pretty damn close to elite level talent if you ask me

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