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09-27-2012, 11:15 AM
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To elaborate on the video,

At lowest levels (beginner and low D hockey), the defensemen will either chase the puck right into the slot along with everyone else or stay glued to the blue line near the boards no matter what. At that level, as a wing you want to cover the defenseman, if he's at the boards or in the scrum. Make sure he's not open.

As you progress through the levels, the defensemen pick their spots and can jump in and out of the play. It's not uncommon to see the D-man jumping up with the puck from the point into the slot, even forechecking and rotating with the other defenseman or wingers/center. This is where playing zone defense is a little more important and requires experience and communication with your teammates.

Once your team gets possession, get ready for the breakout by going to the hash marks near the boards with your stick on the ice. Do that whether or not the other team's defenseman is at the point or anywhere else. If he leaves you wide open while you're breaking out, take full advantage.

Just don't ever sit behind the other team when they have possession because it's basically given them a power play. That's called cherry picking and everybody hates it.

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