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Originally Posted by GordieHoweHatTrick View Post
Let me get this straight, Rielly is overrated because his ceiling is higher than a young prospect who already succeeded at the NHL level?

Let me answer this for you, the only reason you felt the need to put "yet he is still incredibely overrated" in brackets is because your a fan of a rival team.
Don't get all worked up. All he's saying is that Leafs fans are pumping Rielly up way too much for his liking. I would agree with him as well, especially if you've seen what's been written on the prospects board. By all means he is a great prospect, but people are are basing what he might become on his injury-riddled season and forming opinions on what they've read or heard, not necessarily what they've seen. And even then, scouts haven't seen enough of him because of the injury.

As for Gardiner, he's 22 compared to Rielly who is 18. With skill sets so similar, it could be easy to assume Rielly can contribute like Gardiner, or even exceed him in the future... and yes there is a possibility of him becoming nothing like Gardiner as well. At the very least, you can hope to see some tutoring from Gardiner to Rielly on how to play the position and what entails playing for Big Blue.

*EDIT* Just to add, being 22 doesn't mean that Gardiner has reached his ceiling. Some players keep getting better and better as they keep playing, and some plateau at some point. The fact of the matter is that Rielly is 18 and will be brought up more slowly than Jake the Snake has.

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