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Originally Posted by Feed Me A Stray Cat View Post
I love NHL 13. Think it's the most realistic game to date.

A lot of people just don't like change. Most of the complaints I've seen in the NHL 13 thread are based around people simply not being good at the game (passing sucks, can't navigate the offensive zone without losing the puck to a pokecheck, allow so many breakaways).
This is true and false, good and bad....

True in that much of it is more realistic, but a big part is ridiculous. I made a 'perfect player' in be a pro (99 on everything) to try it out, and the guy still gets knocked on his butt anytime someone touches him. It's not so much just that the guys fly all over the place when they get a hip check, it's that they fly all over the place all the time. Anytime you are on open ice it's like everyone is Scott Stevens and knocks you on your face, even if from the slightest graze or coming up from behind. It gets really frustrating after a while

Realism, it is an extent.
Sometimes I want to be able to score 12 goals on the Rangers and laugh. That's part of the fun about video games. I dont want video games to be completely realistic. Could you imagine a completely realistic MW2? Your guy would have heat stroke and need to spend 5 minutes hydrating before the 1st checkpoint and instead of recovering from an injury by running away and hiding for 10 seconds, you would need a MEDEVAC.
Sometimes too much realism takes out some of the fun.

Also, Marty really sucks in NHL13...what gives?

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