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09-27-2012, 01:22 PM
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Hey Jay,

I agree with you on Labs, I never really cared for him either, but I also don't hold him accountable really either. I mean the guy is really a backup goalie that we tried as a starter and it failed. That's fine, not everyone is cut out to face the top teams in the NHL. Frankly, it wouldn't even bother me all that much if we brought him back in strictly a backup role (assuming Bernier is dealt). I think he's the type that can hold his own against weaker opponents, but don't count on him to carry you for a stretch or come up with a huge game. That's not him.

Cloutier though, sorry, I don't share your sentiments. I agree he was hurt, and that's an unfair burden, but he also wasn't so hurt that he couldn't play. Doctors don't clear guys to play unless they can play, and it's not like Cloutier has sued us over being unfairly cleared for action or something. He may not have been 100% but he was likely 90 to 95% and he should have posted better numbers than he did.

Btw, Garon's numbers were much better than Cloutier's as a King.

Cloutier: 33 games, 8-18-3, 0 SO, 3.83 GAA, .868 Sav. %
Garon: 95 games, 44-36-9, 6 SO, 3.03 GAA, .898 Sav. %

Also, keep in mind that 24 of Cloutier's 33 games were in 2006-2007, and both Garon and Cloutier played on that team, so they both shared that horrendous defense you posted. That year, Cloutier's GAA was 3.83 and sav. % was .860, while Garon was 2.66 and .907.

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