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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Further on the Young story, according to Josh Brown's blog, of the Record, Young wasnt just 'Assigned' to the Dutchmen, he was waived through the league first.

Thats 19 other teams that had a free pass at him. 19 other teams didnt want him for free.

Can we put to rest that as of current, he isnt good enough for a full time OHL roster spot?

I think we have all agreed that in his first season he was wronged in him development, and last year he saw limited play. That probably hurt him. In the same time, he wasnt better then the regular 6 that played either.

His time aside from an injury fill in is over.

That's a self-fulfilling prophecy since when you never really get a chance to develop you then can't tell if you had more room for development than someone else. Kids mature at different ages and never allowing a player to get out of the gate is a sentence to failure. Not saying it wasn't possible for him to never develop enough to be a regular but that recipe was only going to see one result and it's unfortunate for him right now. That's a big blow in the kid's universe right now.

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