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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
Agreed. I've bitten on that "overcommit" scenario often. It's tough, savvy players try to get you to chase them and then they dish to the point man, who often is already heading down the boards to receive the pass. And then you have no one.

I've started to take the approach of sliding lower when I see a forward skating up along the boards to force the puck carrier high (up towards the point man). But I stay with my D as the F skates past in case the F dishes the puck to him. Sometimes this allows me to stop the pass from the F and clear the zone.

If the F keeps the puck, he can skate into the middle of the ice, which granted can be bad. But at that point the centre has to be available to take him.

I'm open to any suggestions on how to play that situation better.
yeah as you say a fwd is looking for that dish, a winger who is aware can make it look like he is overcommiting and the pick off that pass for a breakaway. or slam on the breaks and get right back in teh dmans face. its always a tough play but if you break it up oncve or twice they arent even going to bother coming back out to the top of the circles anymore.

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