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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
That's a self-fulfilling prophecy since when you never really get a chance to develop you then can't tell if you had more room for development than someone else. Kids mature at different ages and never allowing a player to get out of the gate is a sentence to failure. Not saying it wasn't possible for him to never develop enough to be a regular but that recipe was only going to see one result and it's unfortunate for him right now. That's a big blow in the kid's universe right now.
The problem is the transfer agreement between USA hockey and Canada. Once he was signed, he had to be on the roster. The only way you can tranfer a 16 year old across the boarder is if he is in the OHL. The Rangers signed him because they believed he could be an OHL player, and wanted to make sure he committed to the program.

It was a bad situation to put the kid in, but there wasn't much the Rangers could have done differently.

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