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Originally Posted by SmellOfVictory View Post
Nope, same goes for Oilers prospects. Why? Because those are the two teams that seem to constantly have fans pleasuring themselves over how they think an excessive number of their prospects are going to be elite. It's quite a bore. I don't see nearly the same crap from the same proportion of fans of other teams on these boards. Actually, this applies to their NHL players as well. It's the equivalent of reading CalgaryPuck in terms of Flames fans. "OUR PLAYERS ARE SO AMAZING LOOK AT HOW GREAT THEY ARE/WILL BE ALL THE TIME WHAT IS CRITICAL THOUGHT"

Not saying this applies to all fans of either team on HFBoards by any means, just that those two teams have a greater proportion of said fans than others seem to, and by a fair margin.
We're rebuilding franchises, what else are we supposed to get excited about?

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