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09-27-2012, 01:54 PM
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Just Realized I'm Fed Up

Don’t know if I’m unique but this whole Lockdown drama has not been on my front burner until very recently. Like many, I hoped they’d resolve it and not have their 3rd straight work stoppage. Since this was “just about money” and not structure like the last one, they’d find a middle ground. I’ve focused on football, baseball, and whatever else to bind my time.

There was a guy being interviewed on Home Ice last night who was in-the-know on the owner’s side. He said 7 teams have lost at least $23mm each last year, 6 teams made a bunch of money (Toronto being the highest at $161mm), and then the rest losing or breaking even. All with league revenues hitting $3.3b, their highest ever. While the definition of Hockey Related Revenue (HHR) is in dispute, his point was, the players at 57% are getting too much of the pie and not taking any risk. They fancy themselves “partners” in this biz but have no skin-in-the-game. Salaries have never been higher, yet teams are losing money.
He said the owners will not re-start the season with the players getting 50% or more. Don Fehr, the PA and former MLB rep, is pushing the rich teams to subsidize the poor teams instead of the players. Fehr is HATED by the owners and viewed as a carpetbagger swooping in from MLB and selling the same revenue sharing model he pushed in MLB.
I found myself siding with the owners because as a fan, I want to make sure my franchise never has to leave my city because they’re going broke even though the arena is filled 95% of the time. If the salaries were 15% lower, the players would still be making huge salaries, even the lower level guys, and the teams could make money without raising our ticket prices thru the roof.

That said, it sounded like both sides are “dug in” and prepared to lose the season. This is frustrating on so many levels because they’re fighting over the very food we provide them, and assuming they can take as long as they want to work it out and the food will just keep coming. Both sides empathize with us, and blame the other side. Neither takes responsibility for the pain this is causing so many. As fans, we just miss our fav sport. For businesses downtown and peeps working the arena and in the front office, it is their very livelihood. There is no pretty way to say it. By sides want what they want, and will not take responsibility for people losing their jobs and disrespecting the fans by taking them for granted.

I’ve all-of-a-sudden gotten pissed at this thing. I get my rub-my-back email alerts from the Preds and I delete them. Don’t patronize me. I don’t want 7000 extra credits for whatever it is I can buy with these points I can never keep track of. I want the dang season to start and I want the owners-players to respect me and all the other innocent people affected by their stick-measuring contest. They are killing the game. It’s so obvious.
It’s real simple. 50-50 split. No contracts over 7 years. Bonuses freakin’ count in the year you pay them (no more Weber BS). Compensation is compensation. If it’s all guaranteed anyway, then salary and bonus are the same as salary. Stop with the weaselly way we pay bonuses to sidestep the cap. Make the minimum salary threshold lower and create a bigger gap between the ceiling and the floor. Small market teams need that room to save money if necessary. Allow teams to trade cap space or cash. Yeah the Rangers of Leafs could increase their spending at the expense of the Islanders, but so what. If the Isles want to make the deal, let them.
Here’s some perspective. We’re paying more money to Weber in a 12 month period than we paid the entire team in 1999. Our salary hit then was $22mm. When it gets to the point where the floor is $50mm, the point of a salary cap has lost it point.
And oh by the way, the teams are not financially healthy having to hit these high floors.

Or maybe the players need to get a year of making what they can make in Europe or the KHL to remind them that without the NHL (i.e. 30 teams making money and staying viable), they ain’t worth 25% of what they are making now.
As for the “process” of negotiations, HOW DARE THEY NOT MEET EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY UNTIL THIS IS DONE. They should be forced to sit in the same room and stare at each other for 10 hours a day. When they play these “there’s no reason to meet” games, they should just turn to all of us and say “FU”, cuz that’s the end result. People’s business and livelihoods are hanging in the balance and they can’t seem to find common ground. In 2004, 4 out of the 5 closest bars to Joe Louis Arena went out of business due to the lost season. Those are people. Don’t you people get it, you greedy b-stards. The passionate fans of this sport create your $3.3b and that same passionate can turn the other way. Keep this spit up, and there will be a lot less to fight over, you jerks.
I got a better idea: how about if league revenues exceed a certain threshold (let’s say $3.5b), the excess gets rebated back the season ticket holders as credits in their dang reward accounts.
…. I’m done now.

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