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Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
As for the “process” of negotiations, HOW DARE THEY NOT MEET EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY UNTIL THIS IS DONE. They should be forced to sit in the same room and stare at each other for 10 hours a day. When they play these “there’s no reason to meet” games, they should just turn to all of us and say “FU”, cuz that’s the end result. People’s business and livelihoods are hanging in the balance and they can’t seem to find common ground. In 2004, 4 out of the 5 closest bars to Joe Louis Arena went out of business due to the lost season. Those are people. Don’t you people get it, you greedy b-stards. The passionate fans of this sport create your $3.3b and that same passionate can turn the other way. Keep this spit up, and there will be a lot less to fight over, you jerks.
I got a better idea: how about if league revenues exceed a certain threshold (let’s say $3.5b), the excess gets rebated back the season ticket holders as credits in their dang reward accounts.
…. I’m done now.
This has been my rub since the beginning. Regardless of which "side" you fall on, the fact they seem to be giving it the absolute least amount of effort possible is an insult to every single fan, player, usher, linesman, etc... And don't even get me started on corporate sponsors. If I was one of those, I tell them all to go **** themselves and my next sponsorship might not be as hefty as my current one, if there is one.

The sad truth in this is that it really is just another form of entertainment to the people that go to the games, buy the merch, pay for cable and put their $ into that 3.3B that gets thrown around so brazenly by all of those in charge, and at some point I think they all forgot the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" because I don't think that they will have near the fan support this time that they had last time.

Find a % around 50, throw in some stipulations from both sides (that's called a compromise) and play the damn games that are scheduled. They are all quickly just looking like a bunch of *******s.

Oh, and ILILI, I agree.

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