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12-06-2003, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
I think trading Mike Comrie at this time is a mistake. The trade I read about in the paper this morning for Perry and a pick assumes the Oilers will need a rw down the line, and can use a pick in the top 60.

Both are correct. However, are those the main needs for the club at this time? Hell if I know.

In baseball, teams spend the winter evaluating what happened last summer and then improving those areas found wanting. The Yankees have added some pop and alot of pitching, the BoSox a top flight pitcher and so it goes.

It's hard enough to evaluate a team in the offseason. Look at the Oilers. Lowe felt the goaltending would be good (good enough that he dealt Markkanen, who had done an exceptional job with this team).

Good enough that the team made no effort to replace Janne Niinimaa's puck moving skills, opting instead for stay at home man Cory Cross (I'm not being critical of the move, just saying that was the decision).

Good enough even to feel that center ice would be fine, despite the loss of Marchant and then Comrie.

Well, most of that blew up real good, and despite it all the Oilers are hanging in there in the very competitive Western Conference.

With all that said, the question becomes which flat tire does Lowe fix? Does he try to acquire a trigger man to work with any combination of York, Oates and Hemsky? Perhaps a solid defender like Vishnevski? Or maybe a goaltender of the future? Picks?

I think the better plan might be to put the idea of Comrie being dealt on the shelf for the duration of the season, and watch how the current roster performs.

Conklin COULD be this team's starter for several years. Stoll COULD be more than a third line center. Torres COULD be a top 2 line winger. Semenov COULD be something special.

You get the idea.

It'll be hard enough to deal Comrie for something approaching fair value, right?

I honestly felt Lowe should have traded Comrie before the season, get the distaction out of the way. But now, with the boat leaking in so many areas, it seems the wisest choice is to hold on to the asset and wait for a chance to evaluate the roster in June.

I just don't think it's obvious what this team needs most, so helping Anaheim seems the only real benefit of the Perry deal.
My thoughts excatly LT. (happy d-day BTW). Distraction. I don't care what any player says. The Comrie issue is a distraction and this is no slight on Mike. Mike still has friends in the dressing room, he probably hangs out with some of them.

Just like the Cujo situation in Detroit was a distration even if Chelios and Shanahan denied it. Lagace didn't. He sat between them in the dressing room. The two situation can be compare simple based on the fact that there is an issue between a teammate and management. I think it trickles down in the room.

I always maintain that a deal sonner rather than later would have been better for this team. As the season progresses, the Oilers become more desperate to deal Comrie because 1) they are struggling 2) MC is a distraction.

It's funny reading about Bryan Murray the other day in the Sun. It's funny how he doesn't have a confidentiality agreement in this whole Comrie deal. He goes on by saying that he's VERY interested in Comrie and that he's spoken to Lowe on a NUMBER of times. Doesn't that put a little pressure on Lowe to get a deal done? B.Murray has nothing to lose. He just puts the ball in Lowe court. I mean, he did make sure not to reveal to the media what he was offering for Comrie. I think as we move forward, more GMs will do the same. Wasn't the purpose of the confidentiality agreement in place so that the two side wouldn't negotiate in the media?

Anyways, I really don't know who this will play out. At one point I thought we'd get a really good return for Comrie. When the Perry rumors came out, I said "ouch". Now I really don't know.

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