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09-27-2012, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
Disagree with that thinking. The league would love to be able to drop a team in Seattle just like they did in Colorado. The Oilers, like the Nordiques, are a team on the verge of being pretty good, and with the right moves, really good for quite a few years. No ugly expansion period and no reliance on aging players. This would be a Colorado all over again and quickly establish a franchise in the Pacific Northwest, pretty well dragging Portland into the mix. Instant win for the league. Also looks really good for an expansion of the broadcast deal. It would suck to lose Edmonton from a Flames perspective, but from a league development perspective the loss of the Oilers is pretty inconsequential.

I also don't see the NHL giving up on Phoenix. They will continue to search for an owner. You don't abandon the 5th largest metropolitan market in the US without exhausting every potential to keep it going. There is a lot of money in the Phoenix market, they just need someone with some brains to run it.
You are aware how hard the Phoenix market has been hit by the recession right? Housing costs are 25% of what they were. That means your 300k house is now worth 75k and you owe 220k on it. How does that equal "lots of money"?

Secondly, the Suns and Diamondbacks are both losing money as well right now, making the NFL goldmine the only pro sport doing well in the area presently. The Cardinals are actually the third lowest revenue team in the NFL presently as well, even though they do make money. Moving the Coyotes makes way more fiscal sense than moving the Oilers. I don't know how any intelligent debate can even be had around the issue.

BTW, this is coming from someone who hates the Oilers more than any team outside of Vancouver and would actually be happy if they left the province. I'm quite sure my position on this issue is more extreme than most people and even I think it's a ridiculous business notion.

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