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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Not sure what you mean and how this relates to the alleged referee bias... but I know first-hand that the availability, or not, of international versions of a team's website is directly related to a club's budget. Not everyone is drowning in money, and to tell the truth, I consider it a minor miracle that Slovan was able to join the KHL at all and o assemble the minimum required KHL budget.

Last season, as you probably know, Lev started selling out their players at around Christmas time because they no longer had the money for their salaries, and to this day Lev ows money to both their ex-players, ex-staff and lots of small buinesses in the Poprad area for unpaid services delivered during last season. Banruptcy proceedings are being conducted, while the Lev Prague team pretends as if it had nothing to do with Lev Poprad.

Producing an international version of a website professionally wouldn't be cheap, and teams would probably need to hire extra staff to produce the content, but I think the new teams very likely can't afford to hire any new staff at this point.
Please dont start with this. Yes, slovak media are BS in this topic (due to idea "czechs always abuse slovaks"). It is not so easy case as it seems and I dont want to get into OT. You should read interview of CKD Group owner to have another opinion (slovak media have written only players/creditors/Slavcev story not story of CKD). Read it. HC LEV Praha owes NOTHING to players of HC LEV Poprad/creditors/staff etc. HC LEV Poprad DID (Slavcev guy). All this mess in due to Slavcev-Musil relationship, it is all about. Please, make your own independent opinion, dont believe everything what slovak mainstream media write.

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