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(Xbox 360) The HF Hyper League *WSH, FLA, CAR Available*

As I've crunched numbers recently, and looked at leagues, I've noticed that most leagues sim once a week, or twice a week.

However, since an 82 game schedule is forced upon us, a once a week sim only gets you 3 seasons of hockey before NHL 14, at most, and twice a week gets you 6, at most.

I don't know about you, but 6 seasons isn't enough for me! I want my draft picks to matter for more than 2 drafts!

So I present to you, the HF HYPER LEAGUE!

The Hyper League will run a sim every 2 days, in the general area of midnight EST, with exceptions on certain holidays.

This gives us about 8 seasons to work with, and we could stretch it into 9 if we cut corners on the last season. Plenty of time for prospects to develop and draft picks to boom or bust.


1. For the most part, a sim will be made every 2 days, around 11:30 EST.

2. Running 2 week sims every 2 days means that you may have anywhere from 5-10 games to play in just 2 days. It must be understood that not everyone can play all of their games every week. Most people just don't have that kind of time and availability to match up with everyone they're playing with. You WILL miss some games during the season.

3. Regardless of this, you are expected to play a reasonable amount of your games over the course of each season. Things come up in life at times, so it's understandable if you miss all of your games for a sim, and maybe only catch one or two for the next couple sims. But if you completely vanish for 2 weeks, you will likely be booted.

4. NO TRADING WITH THE CPU IF A TEAM IS EMPTY. The CPU AI is dumb as a rock, and everyone knows this. If I allowed the AI to be open season, then it's just a race to see who can fleece the computer first, and any player who joins as them is screwed. Yes, you may try to make a fair offer and then plead to me "But it's even, see?". I still won't allow it because it's not fair to, say, a Calgary player who wants to sell off his draft picks and prospects for a big one year run, then joins to find Iginla shipped off for a couple of farm players that are 5 years away from making an impact.

5. Revising this from how I originally wrote it due to a bit of second-guessing and questioning on how lopsided trades are handled. Most trades, I will allow through. Most of the deals I've seen have been relatively even. Both sides upgrade somewhere and downgrade somewhere else, whether it's talent or age. However, tilted deals happen. That's just how negotiation works. If you get fleeced, that's your own fault, and you will live with the consequences. Kudos to the other guy for having a silver tongue. But, there is an exception to this.

Much like movies can be so bad that they're good, then become even more bad to the point they stop being funny and just become bad, if you make a lopsided deal you'll have to live with the consequences, UNLESS it's so incredibly stupid that it's actually something for nothing.

Example: If you want to trade Crosby for 3 1st round picks, ok. That's your choice. In most cases it's a bad choice, and you'll never replace his talent, and the picks aren't surefire elite players to end up being fair even 5 years down the line, but it's a trade that's salvageable. SOME talent comes back. On the flip side, if you try to trade Crosby for Shawn Thornton and Andrew Ference, I will veto that a thousand times over. So long as the team getting robbed is getting SOME value back, I'm letting it slide, because that's just the nature of being a GM. Some guys are just good at negotiations and selling an idea.

6. There will be activity checks at least every 2 weeks. There will be no defined time frame for these activity checks, otherwise we'd have guys who play no games and figure "well if I just show up every X days, I won't get booted." Some people get free passes if they've been reliable in the past, have had no outstanding issues, and are known to be active.

The activity check will be a message posted by me on the league news page in-game, and in a post here. You can let me know that you're around any way you choose. If you play me in a game, someone else tells me they played you, or you send a message or post somewhere that I can see, these are all acceptable ways of confirming activity. If you play someone else, I can't run with that alone, because I'm not going to spend all day every day checking box scores to see if new games have been played.

7. From now on, at the conclusion of each sim, I'll be posting a list of players who are on waivers. These are the players that were automatically placed on waivers by the game, that the owner had no intent of waiving. The players that I list are OFF LIMITS to waiver claims. If claimed, you have to send the player with a 7th round pick to the other owner for a 7th round pick. Fair value. In the case of this happening after the trade deadline, I'll edit into the OP the players that are owed to their original owners, in deals that must be completed after the finals, when trades are open again.

Having said that, there's an easy way to solve this problem. This only happens when injured players come back and put you over the roster limit. Don't keep 3 healthy scratches on your roster when 2 players are coming back from injury. I try to keep my roster at 18 skaters, and people automatically get called up when it sims CPU games if someone is injured. This way you won't have this issue, unless somehow you have 4+ skaters all coming back simultaneously.

8. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on quitting bad games and allowing the sim or another game to occur for the sole purpose of ensuring there would be no loss in a bad game, and potentially winning the makeup game. If I find out that you're doing this intentionally, you WILL be booted.

I encourage people to PM me with suspicion of this, and it will be investigated and considered.

If you're in suspicion but there is no proof, you will be on probation, and closely watched for this. If you keep honestly getting disconnected constantly to the point that you can't ever finish games, you probably shouldn't be in an NHL 13 league.

Finally, Rule #9. The final, and probably most important rule.

If I get multiple, reliable reports of you exploiting any cheesy or cheap moves, or taking advantage of gamey loopholes, you're gone. I will not tolerate people who use unfair methods to get a leg up just because they're not man enough to play without a free handicap in their favor. This is non-negotiable.

However, having said that, I will be sure of it before I punish it. I understand the difference between using a glitchy shot, and being allowed to stroll into the slot and fire one off from a high percentage area. I know the difference between something that is cheating, and something that is lame but fair.

If you don't know if a move is allowed or not, ask and ye shall receive knowledge, and if you're doing something cheesy and I don't think you're aware that it's cheesy, you will be informed. I will try to be as fair as I can about this. I've already talked to one person about a borderline unfair move, and it was easily sorted out with an "Okay, I understand. That sounds fair and I'll try not to do it anymore." There were no further issues with that person.

Anyway, now that we're past that, let's get this hyperleague underway!

Send join requests to HF HYPER LEAGUE

(I opened this up first privately to a couple of friends that lurk here, but don't actually have accounts, which is why a couple people are missing HF accounts on the team list)

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
New York Rangers: HF: LL Blaklash - GT: LL Blaklash
New York Islanders: HF: Zetterberg - GT: kdfsjljklgjfg - COMMISH
Pittsburgh Penguins: HF: CoRD - GT: MusicOrDieRDS
Philadelphia Flyers: GT: BenchBoss67
New Jersey Devils: HF: cleaner claude - GT: cleaner claude

Northeast Division
Boston Bruins: HF: BlazinBruins - GT: Tuggernaut
Montreal Canadiens: HF: CanuckCity - GT: WVThunder21
Ottawa Senators: HF: Cosmonaut - GT: napster317
Toronto Maple Leafs: GT: Thamps
Buffalo Sabres: HF: dbzfanl - GT: thebigschnoz

Southeast Division
Florida Panthers: VACANT
Washington Capitals: VACANT
Tampa Bay Lightning: HF: HughJazz3dg - GT: Bunz McToot 3DG
Winnipeg Jets: HF: Camwise - GT: WiserC
Carolina Hurricanes: HF: HOLD MA DDD - GT: HOLD MA DDD

Western Conference
Central Division
St Louis Blues: HF: spanakopita - GT: spanakopi7a
Nashville Predators: HF: BringBackTheRats - GT: WatsonianRager
Chicago Blackhawks: HF: jonyro84 - GT: GT- the JOHNster84
Detroit Red Wings: HF: noexult - GT: noexult
Columbus Blue Jackets: HF: trufleshufle13 - GT: trufleshufle13

Northwest Division
Vancouver Canucks: HF: Averys SEC 405 - GT: GT: x Gen0cide x
Calgary Flames: GT: G A T M A Nl
Colorado Avalanche: HF: nazem frattin - GT: LaSt Br3aTh zZ
Minnesota Wild: HF: Sh0otnSc0re - GT: AoC Pyorala
Edmonton Oilers: GT: Chew Therapy

Pacific Division
Phoenix Coyotes: HF: InFeasterWeTrust - GT: Jimborton69
San Jose Sharks: HF: Pucker77 - GT: MrGrayCarbo
Los Angeles Kings: HF: The General - GT: ST0KEDSWARLY
Dallas Stars: GT: AtR Snowman Jr
Anaheim Ducks: HF: sTaMk0S - GT: D3cimat0r

Waiting List:

ThePsychicSaw - Extreme arrogance in the face of inactivity and complaints.

Trade Chat
Cleaner Claude has kindly provided the following link for a chat room for trade chat:

President's Trophy
12-13: New York Islanders

Stanley Cups:
12-13: Toronto Maple Leafs

Award History
Art Ross
12-13: Sidney Crosby (PIT) - 70 GP, 40G, 49A, 89P
12-13: Henrik Sedin (VAN) - 82 GP, 23 G, 66 A, 89 P

12-13: Patrick Marleau (SJ) - 82 GP, 46G

12-13: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) - 74 GP, 38 W, 1.88 GAA, .937 SV%, 15 SO

12-13: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) - 74 GP, 38 W, 1.88 GAA, .937 SV%, 15 SO

12-13: Lubomir Visnovsky (NYI) - 82 GP, 12 G, 45 A, 57 P, 76 Hits, 60 takeaways

Lady Byng
12-13: Henrik Sedin (VAN) - 82 GP, 23 G, 66 A, 89 P, 10 PIM

12-13: Mathieu Perreault (WSH) - 82 GP, 13 G, 6 A, 19 P

Conn Smythe
12-13: Mikhail Grabovski (TOR) - 18 GP, 6 G, 13 A, 19 P

12-13: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) - 74 GP, 38 W, 1.88 GAA, .937 SV%, 15 SO

William Jennings
12-13: Niklas Backstrom (MIN) - 74 GP, 38 W, 1.88 GAA, .937 SV%, 15 SO

12-13: Pavel Datsyuk (DET) - 82 GP, 25 G, 46 A, 71 P, 154 Hits, 163 Takeaways

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