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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
I'd love to see stats on %s of finishes per weight class on UFC main cards over the last few years, if that info is available. It definitely feels like there have been more decisions at the lighter weights.
Even if you include the guys who “always finish” (heavyweights) and the group who “never finish” (flyweights), the different between the two groups isn’t as great as you might have anticipated.

First, the finishing percentage numbers to date in the UFC’s eight divisions:

Heavyweight – 84.2%
Light Heavyweight – 47.1%
Middleweight – 52.8%
Welterweight – 51.2%
Lightweight – 45.5%
Featherweight – 50.0%
Bantamweight – 57.1%
Flyweight – 28.6%

Average Finishing Percentage: 52.7% (126 finishes from 239 fights)

Obviously, the heavyweight and flyweight numbers jump off the page, as most people probably expected. It is worth noting that there have only been seven flyweight fights to date, which is a pretty small sample size. Had one more of those bouts been a finish, their percentage jumps to 42.8%, a figure that would place them in second place behind the heavyweights. This is one of the reasons I think excluding the higher and lower limits paints a more accurate picture. More on that shortly.
Hope this helps.

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