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Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
Ok maybe I said he had a small ceiling but thats clearly not what I meant haha, I think I meant to type smaller ceiling...

Dont crucify me

And go ahead and dig back. Last time I checked Hamilton did win the award for best dman in the CHL, and nothing as of late has proven he won't continue at that pace, so I'm not sure what you're trying to prove. Its not like he has busted or anything haha. Nothings changed.

No... Leafs fans can be so insufferable

I think he is overrated because Leafs fans are the largest demographic and tend to be a little giddy when it comes to prospects, such as voting Rielly in way to high in the top prospect polls. I mean there are people in here saying he is going to be a number 1 d-man in just a couple years and telling people off if they think otherwise

Has nothing to do with Leafs being our rivals.. Its just too much hype after way too small of a sample size. The few games he played in juniors last year and his good play in the Can-Russia series are not a big enough size to make ridiculous claims like him becoming a number 1 dman in a matter of years

Were you so excited about Rielly until the Leafs drafted him. I recall someone digging up polls on the Leaf board saying who they would want wither their pick and literally NO ONE picked Rielly... Then he gets drafted by the Leafs and all of the sudden he is the next great one

And just as a disclaimer, he is obviously a great prospect, but I think its too soon to make ridiculously bold statements
If thats what you said, thats how we'll take it.

In the CHL. I'll list all the guys who have won that award since 2000. I'll stop there since I'm too lazy to look up all the years.

99-00 - Micki Dupont = Who? 4 career points in the NHL. 23 career GP.
00-01 - Marc - Andre Bergeron - Hes had an okay career. Hit 30 points 3 times, 40 points 0. Not bad but not stellar. He isn't a guy I would brag about drafting.
01-02 - Dan Hamhuis - Hes about the same. 221 points, 629 GP
02-03 - Brendan Bell - Leafs draft pick so OMG! Amazing. JK. 28 points in 102 games.
03-04 - James Wisniewski - Decent offensively, absolutely horrendous defensively.
04-05 - Danny Syvret - Who? 7 career points
05-06 - Keith Yandle - Alright I'll give you this one. Hes good.
06-07 - Kris Russell - 88 points in 331 GP. Honestly I know who he is but haven't watched him much so not sure how his defence is
07-08 - Karl Alzner - Alot of hype. 39 points in 215 GP but still young.

Kind of early to judge the others. Point being, CHL Defenceman of the year means little.

Leafs fans are also hardest on their prospects. Schenn was really a 50/50 split. Kadri is the same. But they are the largest fanbase so it seems like they hype them more just like they rip them apart more.

Because he was injured most of last season but if you recall he WAS rated above Murray when he went down. So it isn't like he was a nobody. Another thing, most Leaf fans wanted a forward. Poll how many would have wanted to draft up and get Murray? I bet most would say if we went up to number 2, 90% would want Galchenyuk. Nobody has said he is the "next one" to my knowledge. Have any links?

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