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09-27-2012, 07:36 PM
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Numerous sources have confirmed to the Tribune-Review that negotiations this weekend in New York could possibly last three days.

This has to be viewed as positive news.

The first topics in Friday's meetings will pertain to possible realignment, player safety issues and player discipline issues.

Craig Adams, the Penguins' player rep, told me that if things go well regarding those topics, it could give the entire process momentum and that, perhaps, some serious progress could be made.

Great news. Not significant news yet, but maybe the door is now open.
Finally some good NHL news

Adam Proteau and his CBA solution

Proteau proposed a luxury tax which will be distributed to smaller market teams in revenue sharing. The PA didn't propose a luxury tax system. Bettman wouldn't go for it because it goes against his hard cap system.

Everything else is logical.

The NHL drops their demand for immediate salary cuts through escrow and puts a cap on escrow as Larry Brooks has written,there would be a deal done sooner than later.

Stalemated on the central issue of how revenue should be divided, the owners and players have agreed to negotiate on some of the secondary issues, such as travel, pension, supplemental discipline, etc. The idea is that agreeing on some of these issues might spark dialogue on core economic divide.

"The revenue split is the key issue, but they are tied into a whole lot of other issues, such as the arbitration process, qualification for free agency and others," said agent Tom Laidlaw. "Maybe they won't get to the point where they agree even on these issues, but at least they will know the point where the other side is getting comfortable. This is a complicated deal and the more little things they can agree on, the easier it gets."
Most players believe they could be ready to play with seven to nine days of training camp. Under that theory, a deal would need to be reached by Tuesday or Wednesday to keep the NHL's opening day of Oct. 11.

The unspoken idea behind the agreement to start negotiating the issues on the edges is that at some point one side, or another, might say it would move on a number of secondary issues if the other side moves on the central economic impact.

If the NHL agrees to expand revenue sharing to $220M,the PA agrees to give on contracts. Term/structure. The players proposed $240M in revenue with Bettman controlling an industry growth fund. The owners offered a $40M increase to $190M from $150M. Both sides proposed dumping the restrictions on TV households. The players keep arbitration. The players proposed dumping walk away rights. Give it to them. The players proposed the floor being a % of the upper limit. The NHL appears to like that idea. James Mirtle reported Bettman wants his 50/50 split and anything else he gets is gravy. Daly said the cheating contracts are 1A right next to the HRR split. The players get their way on the other systems issues and they give the NHL a deal on HRR and contracts structure/term

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