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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
English is a lingua franca. Most people will understand it. And far more people in Russia know how to read latin letters than people in the rest of the world know to read cyrillic letters. I don't see how this can affect Russian culture if the KHL wants that people around the world are able to follow the league...

If you are so angry about using Latin letters. Why do Russian football teams use them in international competitions? Why does the Russian ice hockey national team use them? Hey, Chinese and Koreans should also use their own letters in any international competition.... And news about Lev Praha should only be in Czech, news about Dinamo Riga only in Latvian....
In Germany, yes. In most european countries, yes. It's still not the world. And then again you and most posters get it wrong here. Please tell me where in God's name in my posts I stated it would affect russian culture. I just said that implementing different cultures instead of a dull standard will be good for the league. I pledge for using ALL languages there are in the league. And I get a broadside from ppl who probably stop reading after they realize I'm russian and just try to live out their xenophobia.

There is obvoiously some double standards among some posters here.

Once again we're not talking about the Olympics or WC here. It's just about KHL. So let's not blow this out of proportion and get the Chinese into it. WC or Olympics is a different story.

I also don't get the stuff about news. You really miss the target there. News about martians would be in russian in Moscow and in czech in Prague obviously.

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