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(more of the same)
Oh, for the love of...

If there's one thing I just love doing, it's responding back to people who refuse to use the search function. But since I have to do all the legwork here....

Petr Nedved was an RFA without a contract, and was signed by St. Louis to an offer sheet in March of 1994. Vancouver declined to match, and was awarded Craig Janney as compensation. Janney refused to report to Vancouver, and was traded back to St. Louis for three players. Rather than pout and act hurt about St. Louis not wanting him (Vancouver had demanded Brendan Shanahan), Janney did the following:
After the trade: 10 games, 0 goals, 13 assists (13 points). 4 playoff games, 1 goal, 3 assists (4 ppints).
Before the trade: 59 games, 16 goals, 55 assists (71 points).

Oh, not enough proof?
Janney awarded as compensation
Janney refuses to report
Janney traded back to St. Louis for three players

Are you going to trust me on the production, or do I need to post box scores as well?

Moving on...

Bernie Nicholls was traded off Gretzky's Kings to the Rangers. From there, he was moved to Edmonton as part of the Messier deal. Nicholls refused to report. He said that his wife going through a difficult pregnancy made his decision easy, but going from near the top of the league to a team that was quite clearly beginning a long-term rebuild also played a part. After sitting out two months, Nicholls finally reported.
1990-91 (with Rangers) - 71 games, 25 goals, 48 assists (73 points)
1991-92 (with Oilers) - 49 games, 20 goals, 29 assists (49 points)
1992-93 (with Oilers) - 46 games, 8 goals, 32 assists (40 points) before being traded to New Jersey
Nicholls refuses to report. Check out his last quote as well.

Keep going?

Alexei Yashin used to make holdouts seem like an annual ritual. He held out to start the 1995-96 season and played in only 46 games, and he missed the entire 1999-00 season with another holdout. What did he do?
1994-95 (no holdout) - 47 games, 21 goals, 23 assists (44 points)
1995-96 (long holdout) - 46 games, 15 goals, 24 assists (39 points)
1998-99 (no holdout) - 82 games, 44 goals, 50 assists (94 points)
2000-01 (after yearlong holdout) - 82 games, 40 goals, 48 assists (88 points)
Yashin reports in 1995-96 season on January 3
Still holding out at the 2000 draft

Keep going, you say?

Scott Stevens signed with St. Louis as a free agent. One year later, after the Blues signed Brendan Shanahan, Stevens was sent to New Jersey as compensation. Stevens refused to report. After threatening lawsuits and retirement, he finally agreed to report. St. Louis was near the top of the league, the Devils were still a perennial laughingstock except for the 1987-88 incredible playoff run.
1990-91 (with Blues) - 78 games, 5 goals, 44 assists (49 points)
1991-92 (with Devils, after refusing to report) - 68 games, 17 goals, 42 assists (59 points)

And finally...

Jeff Carter was traded by Philadelphia to Columbus for Jakub Voracek and two draft picks. He couldn't be located at all for close to a week, and Columbus had to send a contingent of personnel (including GM Scott Howson and five-time All-Star forward Rick Nash) just to try to talk him out of hiding.
2010-11 (with Philly) - 80 games, 36 goals, 30 assists (66 points)
2011-12 (with Columbus) - 39 games, 15 goals, 10 assists (25 points)

That was with an increase in his average ice time to the second-highest in his career. In 2009-10, still getting less than he did with Columbus, he had 33 goals and 28 assists (61 points) in 74 games.

There. No psychoanalysis has been performed, no voodoo magic conjured up. Just straight numbers, and links to newspaper stories. Where I'm from, both of those are called "proof".

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