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Originally Posted by pitseleh View Post
The answer to your questions is quite simple: sample size. Scoring rates don't normalize over a single season because of a number of factors, most important of which is shooting percentage variability.

The reason that Corsi rewards quantity over quality is that over and over again it's been shown that quantity matters a whole lot more than quality for scoring at even strength, with the exception of a few players at the top end (like Crosby or the Sedins) and the bottom end (basically, goons).
The two problems I have with Corsi are a) it seems to me that a player can boost his #'s without too much difficulty and b) its a numerical representation of the player's on-ice performance and is not his actual performance - in other words, the devil is in the details - ex. Corsi might describe a single 45 second shift as 1 shot for and 2 against whereas the reality is much richer - broke up a pass, covered for his own dman, won 2 puck battles, kept cool after taking an elbow to the head. etc etc etc minor details.

When I watch Booth play, I'm always left unimpressed because I see a player who is not very aware defensively or of his teammates on offence.

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