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09-27-2012, 10:06 PM
Grumpy Humphrey
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I'd like to see one of those "*******" memes re: NHL 13 with how annoying it is.

"Sets up on power play, open man at the point-
Dumps it back into own zone."

"Odd man rush-
Pass to no one"

"Racing for loose puck-
Avoid loose puck"

The puck loves to bounce away from all my players or tip off their sticks or they just flat out overskate it, and it NEVER bounces to open ice, it ALWAYS goes right to an opposing player. I had it bounce down my entire roster the other day, tipping off each player on the way down, all the way down the ice and into my net. It's laughably easy to tell when you're about to be scored on because for a period of time beforehand EVERYTHING goes wrong.

I'm done *****ing for now I guess.

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