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Originally Posted by Skidooboy View Post
I think the players who were in the last strike caved, they took rollbacks and a cap, I think they caved, the media thinks they caved, even you probably think they caved. the last CBA increasing average player saleris over time or not is irrelevant. Maybe they could have gone up more, i don't know. it's moot. The players felt like they got slapped in the face. The players who lived it tell the younger players what it was like, They say "watch out, they could do it again". So the Union says "nope never again".

So when bettman comes out swinging from day 1 this time and don't kid yourself, the innitial offer was a slap in the face, they get thier backs up and take some time to make a counter offer, a real strong, real "we are not gonna get taken again" kinda counter offer, suggesting the league take a real hard look at the financials, and fix the real problem which is the financial inequality in the league.blah blah blah.

Bettman "moves on some stuff" but throws a hard deadline on it..... "here's a frikin bone, take it by friday or i take it back" Why would the players respond? the initial salvo included from the owners was "Take our deal or we lock you out." These are not the conditions or attitudes that help build consensus.

The palyers as a unit have fostered , right or wrong, a belief that theygot rooked the last time. They have no recourse but to stay strong and stick to thier guns. The high priced expert they hired is telling them to stay strong.Why should they "cave" agin and go back and pick at few losy percent difference? they want the league fixed. The more Bettman throws deadlines and threats the less likley they are to move on thier postion.
it's related to fear and pride.

And here's the kicker. They are right. the problem isn't the player salaries, League revenues are thru the roof, it's the financial inequality of the teams. and that isn't going away.

Alas they will eventually meet somwhere in the middle with the most current form of the NHL's offer and we shall all be here again in 4 years.
Why is this term "caved" thrown around so much? People say the players were not unified last time...huh? We lost a year of hockey because they were unified.

My view is the players came to a "realization" that there was going to be a new framework (cap), and that they should negotiate the best deal they could so as to not lose anymore paychecks. Why does nobody point to the fact that the owners said to the players "we need a cap, go with us on this, and you will do very well". Hmmmm...kinda went that way - didn't it?

The very deal they supposedly "caved" on is one that they are fighting tooth and nail to preserve. The business owners feel they got the numbers wrong, and are paying too much - and want to change it this time around...pretty simple to me. Now the players can "cave", and we can have a season

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