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09-27-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Kid_Roll View Post
The thing is, I don't. I just give up sleep. I do this in the middle of the night and I have a regular 9-5 job.

So the correct thing to say would be "someone is spending too much time on this".

People on HF who know of me, know I've posted here a long time, and then somehow fumbled my way into blogging for the Province. As such I am doing anything and everything I can to see if it's possible to make a career out of writing humorous hockey stuff. Odds are it isn't possible, but I want to at least try, right? It would be a dream come true to make it as a writer/sports guy , writing about the Canucks.

Seeing the stuff I write get into the actual paper? That's still surreal for me. And it's not just because I have talent. Tons of people I've talked to on HF can write amazing in depth stuff about the Canucks and hockey just as well or better than me. I have this chance because a) I was in the right place at the right time and b) I went for it, and I went for it hard.

That is why I am throwing myself into this so hard. Because the lockout sucks, and there is nothing to write about, so I have to see if I can still find a way to entertain people. I want to try and fill a niche and make people think "That Kid_Roll/Stanchion/Wyatt (however you know me), I wonder what he thinks about all of this..."

I know you probably meant your comment as a throwaway comment, and me writing a novel of a response certainly doesn't do me any favors of dispelling the myth that I have too much time on my hands, but cheesiness aside, I learned my craft on HF Boards, I honed my style down here. I made gifs and photoshops for you guys long before twitter. I did fake GM conversations on here many moons ago, learning how to be funny with sports.

I know it's super easy to be cynical on the internet, but HF is where I "grew up" so I've always wanted to kind of let everyone on here, anyone who's ever talked to me, thank you, thank you for talking to me, and giving me positive reactions or negative reactions. I wouldn't be in the Province without you guys. You guys, again, easy to be cynical, but you were like a group of online friends I could always talk hockey with, even when life was really down for me. It was a therapeutic place to come here, even if it was just to yell at certain posters for being idiots, or to rail on Dan Cloutier. Anyways, in closing, hockey rules, as do you guys.

Ahem. And that is the last time I will ever open up like that. Back to snarky Kid_Roll.

And that Strombone1 tweet was just gold.

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