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09-28-2012, 12:22 AM
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Early reports should be very positive. Both sides should meet into Sat and Sunday as the optimism grows. All blogs will report the spin they will be given. You can flip a coin as to their accuracy.

The moment of truth comes late Sunday. Both sides have to show their base that they were the good guys and did everything possible to get a deal done so they should hold hearings late into the weekend.

The real question is whether each side has a line in the sand that they won't cross. If so, inflexibility trumps all.

One would believe that both sides recognize that the economy is fragile and the sport came off a successful run with the playoff ratings. Can the sport really afford another strike?

In a strange way, I would have predicted a short lockout if the PA didn't have a high profile leader. Now... I'm less confident. If the revenue split is a deal breaker for the owners then I suspect the lockout goes awhile. However, I'm not really that familiar with all the issues. Do the owners have much to give the players to make an adjusted revenue deal work?

Revenue sharing between the teams? Probably goes over as well as salary sharing between the players?

I really don't know enough to comment further.

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