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Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
The two problems I have with Corsi are a) it seems to me that a player can boost his #'s without too much difficulty
How so?

Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
b) its a numerical representation of the player's on-ice performance and is not his actual performance - in other words, the devil is in the details - ex. Corsi might describe a single 45 second shift as 1 shot for and 2 against whereas the reality is much richer - broke up a pass, covered for his own dman, won 2 puck battles, kept cool after taking an elbow to the head. etc etc etc minor details.
One shift isn't a great measure but over the course of a season all the good plays and bad plays are going to be represented in the shot totals. It's not meant to be used on a per game basis.

Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
When I watch Booth play, I'm always left unimpressed because I see a player who is not very aware defensively or of his teammates on offence.
Booth is a project, you don't get great hockey players in their prime for a couple of old guys, one with no knee's.

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