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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Again, good read.

I guess at the core of it all in this discussion, I just want the NHL up and running. I simply want to watch our Islanders again. That's probably the sentiment of a few others around here as well. If the players can keep strong and stick to their guns, which of course is their perrogative - and again, I feel full empathy for their vantage point this time around - I don't think the owners will ever fold. I just believe they have the much greater power to wait it out.

Thus, I don't see the NHL up and running until the players concede more than the owners, if not break entirely, regardless of what this means when it comes to 'Labor against The Machine'.

But heck, for all we know, maybe they've fundamentally come to an agreement that we'll hear about any day/week now. Then all of our discussing here will have been, well, for naught.
Hopefully the talks over the weekend will make headway or else I fear the season will be lost.

I'm a union guy and believe strongly in the rights of employees to have a say in their working conditions and want to see them treated fairly in all aspects of working life, but I just cannot sympathize with pro-sports players who are already getting MORE than half of the revenues.

If this sports is to survive then teams must be financially viable and when the majority of NHL teams are losing money despite revenues being up then something is fundamentally wrong with the system and must be changed. In the end it doesn't really matter to me who wins as I too just want to watch hockey again.

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