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Originally Posted by TheNeutrality View Post
It's actually 2-2 so far

The Rangers have beaten Bern
Chicago destroyed Davos
Zurich won against the Blackhawks
And then (you might remember) the Rangers lost to Zug

I don't want to say the NLA is as good as the NHL (This statement would be pretty crazy). But the NLA, or the european leagues generally, seem to be seriously underrated on this boards. Scrub league? Seriously?
I know, such kind of statements do not represent the majority, but you can read them quite often.
Anze Kopitar and Patrik Berglund is playing in the second tier league in Sweden.

Anze Kopitar has 5 pts in 3 games (and one 1+3 performance, so he has gone without a pt in one game) and Berglund has 1 goal and 0 assists in 3 games. Stats don't say much, they could score well over a pt per game when everything is said and done, but its interesting to see not even at that level are these guys really dominating (as say a junior can do in the CHL/WJC's even).

I think the second tier league in Sweden is by far the best 2nd tier league in Europe (for diffrent reasons, but going by budgets the top 5 teams are basically compareable to the top teams in the SM-Liiga in Finland). But it just shows that the hockey world is getting smaller and smaller the better we learn how to practise and work out basically.

And the talk about mailing it in isn't really in touch with reality. I don't think a hockey player often can give "100%", you just can't work up the adrenaline on a nightly basis to do that. Just look at how the tempo in the PO's increases in the NHL. If everyone were giving 100% in the regular season, taht wouldn't be possible. But the players we are talking about here just don't dress up for a hockey game and mails it in.

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