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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
Bure, Mogilny and Fedorov were all great players, but there were lots of great players in that era. My point was that relatively few were from the former USSR.
Well, it's not like the Soviet Union was ever producing tons of great players; Canada always had the edge in numbers/depth (and probably always will). The difference between the Canadian and Soviet B teams would have arguably been greater than the difference between their A teams was - and would have been even greater between their 'C teams'.
Around 1987, outside the aging superstars already mentioned, I don't think there were too many players that were considered to be great or overly promising even in Russia. Bure, Mogilny and Fedorov were probably head and shoulders above the rest, with maybe Kamensky and some others worth a mention. So, I don't think the late 1980s was the strongest period of Soviet hockey in any case. But there hardly ever was a period when you could have picked, say, 30 USSR players and put them in the NHL and every one would have been a star. However, from the 1970s on, at least, the Soviets had enough talent to make one great national team (no, I don't think it was just the system that made the teams great).

Anyway, the thread is about whether the 1972 Team USSR was the best RUSSIAN team ever, so I'm not sure what their preparation time etc. has got to do with anything.

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