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09-28-2012, 09:10 AM
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State of the union update re Men's hockey at STU

The GOOD,the Bad and the ugly!

A terrific young Man Troy Ryan is now in charge of Men's hockey but remains handicapped from previous Coaching A/D leadership who will remain unnamed.

The BAD,,
It has come to light that years of mispending and OVERGENEROUS stipends has left the program suffering resulting in thousands of dollars being cut from the program and down grading of the second coaching position.

Now what's wrong with this picture?????

The very person who Orchestrated this entire mess continues in charge of athletics and NOT only men's hockey has been affected.

Some possible solutions could be the following:

Cancel and renegotiate ALL over ever generous quantums negotiated by the previous leadership as any more years of this leadership will.surely do permanent should be clear by now that current problems are as a result of allowing an untrained man to be placed in this position WITHOUT the benefit of a public competition where the best candidate would be discovered.

Cancel(surplus) the A /D's position and use a committe of qualified people as a steering committe until the position could be filled by a qualified candidate and use the $$$ saved to put back into the various programs cut.

The optics of allowing the author of such a situation to continue is NOT good.

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