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09-28-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Cowbell232 View Post
Depends on the time of the match and where it is...

When I was in London in February, I could have had Arsenal tickets, at face value, it CHEAP seats for around $170 USD I think it was. For a Saturday evening game.

Tottenham match at home? Good luck, sold out for ever. $200+ second hand market.

Chelsea? I was offered tickets in the supporter section, I think that was only like $120 or so.

Some matches are at very strange times to keep public drinking and what not down, like 10AM on a Sunday or stuff like that, those tickets tend to be less expensive.

Edit: This is of course all Premiere games inside London. The prices are sky high. Tickets for lower league games were WAY way cheaper in most cases, and I'm sure tickets to games outside of London are cheaper too.
This post was just an eye opener that my rough plan of going to England and checking out a few Premier League games one day will be MUCH more expensive than I figured. I didn't exactly think tickets would be cheap. But I was probably expecting like 60ish percent of those numbers to be the price. Or maybe I was just hoping Tottenham would be more like $100-$150 as that's the one I would most want to go to. Well... at least now I have a reality check that this isn't a trip I could pull off anytime too soon. Damn you, exchange rate.

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