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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
This post was just an eye opener that my rough plan of going to England and checking out a few Premier League games one day will be MUCH more expensive than I figured. I didn't exactly think tickets would be cheap. But I was probably expecting like 60ish percent of those numbers to be the price. Or maybe I was just hoping Tottenham would be more like $100-$150 as that's the one I would most want to go to. Well... at least now I have a reality check that this isn't a trip I could pull off anytime too soon. Damn you, exchange rate.
Well, the main thing was I was working while I was there, so weeknight or weekday games were virtually impossible for me to either deal with or want to deal with.

If your on vacation, you can EASILY squeeze in a day or weeknight game. The tickets would be a bit less for those times. Especially if you reach out to a supporter group in advance.

Edit: Check this out:

A UEFA Thursday late night match ain't bad, only 106 pounds. Or roughly your left leg... I mean, or $170 bucks.

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