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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Yes and all the danish players has come in the recent years. Nichlas Hardt as the first in Tappara in 2007-08. It's good to see that it can be an alternative for going to Sweden. Before Hardt went I don't think it was even considered among danish players. Now danish three NHL'ers choose SM-liiga before Sweden. (and even Erik Karlsson did to everyones surprise!)
Maybe it's the lure of the hybrid rink, that makes it easier to adjust your game going back and forth from North America?? or is there another explanation, anyone??
SM-Liiga is not that much worser than Elitserien, and maybe danes have also now seen that fact. While it might have bit lower level on paper (usually atleast) it has more north american style of play, as experts have analyzed it (for Example KalPa's adam andersson, (Adam Mashur these days, who was earlier elitserien player). Its not all about the rink size, but the rink sizes may act as a factor there adjusting the style a bit..

Thats why many players who aim for NHL may perfer it. Elitserien still is good for aiming in the NHL thought, it has tons of NHL scouts on its ground. But SM-Liiga is well scouted too, for goalies it right now might be best league, as level and reputation of goalie coaching of Finland is high. Also the salaries arent that bad as you might guess, thinkin about Finlands population ect, specially if you are top players in your team.

About Erik Karlsson, I dont know for absolutely sure whats behind it. Jokerit GM said they were the first choise for him all the time, but im not sure about that at all. It doesnt prove much really, hes above the level of any league. He had to play somewhere where they will pay hes insurance and give atleast some kind of earnings for hes work, and the eastish KHL just does not buy everyones interest. Maybe part of it is the style of play, in Sweden its litle slower (does not mean worser) style of play, that does not adjust you for the NHL, but does it really matter for him I dunno, its hockey everywhere.

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