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In the area I currently live in (Norfolk, VA) there aren't many leagues so the breakdown of talent is all over the place. C league goes from new players to pretty good players, the B league is pretty good players to real good players and the A league is all the ridiculous players.

Well I fall in the pretty good player slot and I've had a lot of good games in the C league, including hat trick games but my best game in the C league was probably last Sunday where I scored 2 goals and my best shot ever (even though I didn't score on it). The first goal I just cut across the net full speed and threw the puck at the net in the opposite direction I was skating so the goalie was moving with me and I sent it across his body into the open side. The second goal I tricked the defender by changing speed when he turned his head. He saw me coming and I was skating at about 75% and he paced himself accordingly and when he turned his head to look at the puck carrier I hit 100% to get myself open in the slot and the guy with the puck made a perfect pass and I one-timed it into the open side of the net. My best shot ever was a backhand one-timer that the goalie wildly threw his glove out for and caught. The reason it was my favorite shot ever is because I always try to hit backhand one-timers instead of taking the safe play and catching the puck on my forehand and going from there and I always miss the puck and end up having to chase it down in the corner but this time I got all of it with a good backswing.

In the B league I have to rely on my speed to be successful because generally my hands are ****. So I would say my best games ever happened in the B league but I can't say which one particularly was the best but one that always sticks out was a game where we played one of the best teams and I was just out there trying to get into every play I could and in between periods I looked over at the other teams bench and they were all pointing at me telling each other to keep an eye on me. I don't think I scored in that game but I was definitely disrupting the other team and keeping the puck in their zone and the fact they pointed at me as the biggest threat on the ice made me feel good.

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