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09-28-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Skidooboy View Post
Yes Caved. they took a 24% cut in thier contracts. Tell me you would be happy with your boss if he came and cut your pay by 24%. forceing you to give up money you were legaly entitled to. Imagine that for a second. you sign a contract legal and all with lawyers, and accountants, and witnesses, and agents, and managers all signing stuff and agreeing to stuff.... and suddenly the other party decides to just change the terms... and lock you out without pay till you have no choice but to acctept the deal. that is why i say caved.

you can say it wass a win for the players last time ,but at the end of the day the Owners got every single thing they asked for. And they promissed they had fixed the system. they shouted out words like economic stability and "sound foundation for the future"
All I can say is you have exactly ZERO idea what happened in 05.


The owners did not get everything they wanted. At all.

Going to stick your "rollback" talk in the face of facts eh? Cool cool.

Neither proposal fixes the system, a combination will (which is you know how negotiations work). But the fact remains NHL has moved on core economic issues from original offer...PA has not still insisting they deserve more raises. Once the PA starts to move it'll be a different story, they have not.

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