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09-28-2012, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Skidooboy View Post

But I think the owners wanted a lockout from day 1 of the negotiations. so i give them the lions share of the blame.
If you think Day 1 was September 15th, you may well have a point. But the NHL tried to start discussions on negotiations during the 2011-12 regular season. More than once. They submitted a proposal (an absurd one) to the NHLPA and the NHLPA sat on it for a month.

I'll give the owners the lions share of the blame for the lockout only because they instituted it. But the notion that the players didn't play a role in driving it to that direction is just plain silly. They did it because it makes the NHL the bad guys, if only according to their public statements. The league locked us out, we'd still be playing and would have negotiated during the season they say. Riiiiiiight, why didn't they negotiate last year again? And the NHLPA proposal included playing a "bonus' year at the 57% level while they negotiated? Great rates if you can get 'em.

Again, both sides are idiots and if I wasn't a season ticket holder in a market where hockey just came back after a long absence I probably would have dumped my seasons (or if I thought realistically I could get them back once my temper tantrum was over). It's ironic but I think the ownership group probably least in favor of a lockout is the one that has the least to worry about with respect to the impact on the fan base (ok, maybe Toronto/Montreal).

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