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09-28-2012, 01:42 PM
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Yes Caved. they took a 24% cut in thier contracts. Tell me you would be happy with your boss if he came and cut your pay by 24%. forceing you to give up money you were legaly entitled to.
The players proposed a rollback. I would argue for that year that they took a 124% cut

you can say it wass a win for the players last time ,but at the end of the day the Owners got every single thing they asked for. And they promissed they had fixed the system. they shouted out words like economic stability and "sound foundation for the future"
Owners did not get every single thing they wanted - but it makes it sound better. Some of the owners were "pissed" about the percentages and the floor.

Again I'm not saying the players are being bad in this lockout, i attribut anything between 25-45% of the blame depending on the particular issue being discussed.
Sorry Ski, not sure how you can ascertain % of blame - but interesting

But I think the owners wanted a lockout from day 1 of the negotiations. so i give them the lions share of the blame.
Not sure they wanted a lockout, but they did tell the players long, long ago that they were coming back for a lower % - and that they would lock out with no deal. Cant argue that a lockout was on the table from a long time ago.

Again , i get it. the league has financial inequality, alot of teams lose money, however the deal the owners are throwing about won';t really fix that. which is what the NHLPA are saying
Ahhh...herein lies the real issue. For some reason the players think that this is a negotiation about having them "fix" the business. That fight was last time - and, there is a cap in place. Now, the business wants to pay less...I don't think that the owners in the NFL, NBA or NHL are asking the players to come with proposals to fix their business...they are telling them they are going to pay less right now. My bet is that if the players walked into a room and said we understand you are going to pay less going forward - we say no rollbacks now - they are walking out in very short order with a deal (I could be 100% wrong, but it is fun to pretend I know what I am talking about!) the debate.

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