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09-28-2012, 02:00 PM
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Well the cheapest actual wood stick around here is usually close to $40, so there's no point. You can get a clearance composite for that much. I guess you could get a plastic stick for under $20.

Look if you don't care about hockey and don't have much skill and don't want to improve, you won't be reading this forum and sure a Total One won't do you any good. If you practice and have at least a decent shot, you can improve with the right stick. Not to say any stick off the rack will help, but a good composite in your curve and flex will.

I've had teammates barely able to get the puck off the ice using 100 flex sticks at 5'6...give them a 60 flex and all of a sudden they can get something on a pass. I've seen the difference. I also know that when I went from an X:60 to a Dynasty, my shot started to lag slightly. I've felt the difference.

I just got a coupon for 15% I might pick one up. Intermediate P92.

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