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09-28-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Does this also apply to Andrei Kostitsyn as well? He's been a 1st or 2nd line forward by definition for 5 consecutive years and produces more than David Booth and I would be willing to bet he didn't garner any offers north of $4mil.

Things aren't always black and white.

Wasn't Kostitsyn making 3.5m this year? Do you honestly believe that had he not gone through that Nashville fiasco, and had teams unfairly black ball him as a result, that he would not have garnered north of $4m in FA? You must be joking.

Last 3 years-

Mason Raymond- 44P/82GP
David Booth- 42P/82GP

If being a half point per game player is all we're expecting out of David Booth from the 2nd line why go out and get him in the first place to replace Raymond? Especially considering he comes in at close to twice the cap hit...

Is it safe to say expectations for this player are more than the 40 odd points/82 games he's been able to put up since the Mike Richards hit? Are Canuck fans happy with another season like the one he just had?

Like I said, if he kept similar point totals but regained his 1st line scoring form, that's a major win here. It's a pretty unique thing to have. That, coupled with his size, make him a better offensive option than Raymond IMO.

Look, I want him to do better than last year obviously. 50 points would be great. I'd be happier with him. That said, I still like what he brings right now. If he can just regain that 1st line scoring touch, the Canucks will be scary.

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