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09-28-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Ahh so Cam is a quack now too huh?... I mean, what could all the funny numbers mean when they don't support your argument right? Far better to keep your opinion subjective and roll with it... Good call there.

Any "analysis" you've done here pales in comparison to his article. It is well reasoned and logical. If you want to question it, attack the numbers themselves - it's what he's going off of. Why not do the same?
You mean like David Booth's abominable -31 last year in Florida? Or that he had the worst goals against/60MIN of any player on the Panthers? Or that he had the 2nd worst goals against/60MIN of any Canuck forward last season?

Odd how these stats escaped the 'well reasoned and logical' Cam Charron article.

I have yet to converse with a hockey fan that thought of David Booth as a strong defensive player, let alone the 'two-way force' Charron tried to sell him as. If you disagree with my stance than which of the Canucks 9 forwards that I rated as stronger defensive players than Booth would you disagree with?

I like that Booth takes to the puck to the net and can score goals but if he can't show more than he did last season I'm just not enamoured with this player at all, considering his other shortcomings and cap hit. Wouldn't be disappointed in the least if he was shipped out to open up a roster spot and cap space for another impact forward.

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