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Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
To be fair, the Rangers couldn't have known Zherdev was just plain crazy.
If we judge that trade by the same standards by which folks judge Carter-to-CBJ, then this just means that the Rangers had done even worse because any decent GM should have known well in advance that that was going to happen.

That said, I agree that if he hadn't made those crazy contract demands he'd probably still be in the NHL. Maybe still on the Rangers as well... then again, seeing as though the Rangers have built themselves based on a highly work-ethic focused team ethos, it's questionable whether or not he'd be able to stay there. I mean, it's not like he never blocks shots, but it is kind of rare.

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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Never really got a shot in St. Louis because of his poor defensive play, too many mistakes like this one:

Columbus is a good place for him though, they'll excuse the mistakes due to the offence he brings, and maybe he'll round out his game once he gets more NHL experience.
The funny thing is, Tyutin is also known for occasional crazy mistakes. Yet, when the two of them are together, suddenly the crazy mistakes - for both players - abruptly go away. It's like they read eachother's minds or something, and between the two of them one can realize when the other is about to screw up. It's bizarre.

That, by the way, was a mixup between Nikitin and John Moore, who had far more screwups as he simply wasn't ready for NHL play. Yet, thanks to blueline injuries, we were obliged to play him anyways... more than any other single blueliner, in fact.

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Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
He was very good defensively here. That was really the only instance of Nikitin being out of position and was mostly due to miscommunication.

For Columbus, he was quite good defensively so I don't really know what you are talking about. They wouldn't excuse poor defensive play from him and really havent had reason to.

Just ask Viqsi, she will show you how the Tyutin-Nikitin pairing was statistically similar to the Weber-Suter pairing.
Oh crud. Now I'm going to get flamed and/or laughed at even more...

The comparison is primarily in advanced stats. They had a similar effect w/r/t driving the play up the ice and were comparable defensively overall, in the same situations. They didn't score at nearly the same level, though, and Curtis Sanford ain't no Pekka Rinne. So I generally stop short of saying "they were right up there with Weber-Suter!!!!!!111one".

The link w/r/t same is here:

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Oh, and to get back on the thread topic, and while we're talking blueliners and the Blue Jackets... we traded Adam McQuaid to Boston for a 5th round pick, because it looked like he wasn't going to sign here.

For additional bonus mind****, that 5th was in 2007, and was later one of the three traded to Dallas in 2007. They used it to select Jamie Benn.

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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