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09-28-2012, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
I thought an arbitar was only briefly involved in the last round of negotiations...

In regards to the other stuff, the posts above pretty much beat me to my rebuttal.

The idea that the owners "got everything they wanted" is a complete fallacy. Men who have made as much money as the owners have (and are smart enough to use shell corporations and off shore bank accounts) probably could see the potential issues of having the floor set at a hard dollar value below the cap- I don't think that just snuck by them. I don't think the percent figure was their ideal situation either.

the idea that the owner locked out the players is "technically" correct, but the owners made it blatantly obvious they would not play under the old agreement for another season as early as June.

How anyone can buy the PA's "it's the owners fault, we said we'd play" is beyond me. Why give the players ALL of the leverage, as that's essentially what they would have been doing? It's stupid. Really stupid. There's no other way to describe it then that.

It's akin to the owners saying, "well, you should just sign this new proposal at 43% for this year while we work out the details for a longer one". You'd have to be an idiot to take that deal. It's a bad deal, it's a very bad deal, one that the owners had made painfully obvious they wouldn't accept three months prior to the start, yet once again, the PA doesn't move on it stance, but still points the finger.

My big issue still comes back to the PA and how through this entire ordeal they've spent far more time posturing, playing to public interest, and trying to curry support instead of, you know, negotiating.
I totally agree.

I don't see how it'd the owners fault that NHLPA didn't make their new CBA a priority snc a risky do something about instead of waiting to the 11th hour to do a damn thing. Donald Fehr was hired two years ago...and your going to try and tell me that he couldn't if not shouldn't have become familiar with all things hockey before it came down to the friggen wire like this.

Players knew damn well what they were doing, in regards to forcing the owners hand. They gained public opinion of the ignorant...and that's most hockey fans.

Of course they'll play while an agreement is being hammered out, but that's not an option. This was something that should have happened last season.

Especially when the players have had this hard on for alternate view as opposed to actual negotiating a contract. Don't get me wrong I get their position...but they should have started this crap last year. So then they could play while an agreement was being hammered out.

Revenue sharing is all well and good...but did any of them seriously believe that the owners were going to buy into this new system of theirs in the minimal amount of time that was given?


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