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09-28-2012, 07:44 PM
Mike McDermott
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Originally Posted by aceface33 View Post
Ok, so you've posted two reasons why women get paid less. This makes it ok?

For your first point, the onus is not on the women to negotiate a fair salary, the onus is on the business to give a woman the same pay as a man would get for doing the same job.

For the second point, a woman should not have to choose between being a mother and having a career. Women should get paid maternity leave. In most of the industrialized world, they do. Our country sucks in this regard.

And don't give me some "oh that's just the way the buisness world is, it will never change and it is unrealistic to expect it to" bs. It's thinking like that which enshrines gender inequality and makes it so that women are still getting paid less than men for doing the same job.

And if your feminist organizational behavior whatever professor in grad school couldn't see through these arguments, they were a pretty ****** professor.
It is posts like this that make you one of my favorite posters ace. Kudos.

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