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Originally Posted by ProstheticConscience View Post
Yeah, what I remember most is that not one of the "experts" in the media even had that one on their radar. Not so much as a blip anywhere.

Also, Hodgson for Kassian and Sulzer for Gragnani were actually separate deals, just to be pedantic. I was fuming about losing Hodgson until I actually saw Kassian play. He was like an escaped mental patient out there. Love the energy, needs to work on control and consistency, but hey, he just turned 21 this year. Blessing in disguise from the lockout is that he gets some extra time to terrorize the AHL for a bit and condition himself better.

Gragnani...well, his problem was just that he was born in the wrong century. In the 1400's or 1500's, he'd have been just the guy to travel around the unexplored world, discover places, and name them after himself. He's just got that kind of spirit. He's the kind of guy who says: "What's over there? Way, way over there?" then goes to find out. Where others may say: "Why?" or "Seriously, why?" or even "What the hell is wrong with you? WHY?!" he says: "Why not?" Danger? Peril? Intricately designed hockey set plays? Merely speed bumps in the road of life to intrepid souls such as his. He'd drop whatever he was doing, sail halfway around the world, discover Hawaii, and name it Gragnaniland. Why? Just because. Sure, his father would say: "Idiot boy, I sent you to the barn for eggs and you return six months later with a sack of macadamia nuts. WTF?!" But to the rest of the world, he'd have nailed his name in the pages of history as the man who discovered Gragnaniland.

Sadly, this adventurous streak didn't serve him terribly well here, as has been documented. His shifts on the Canucks always kept us in suspense waiting to see which ******** place he'd suddenly decide to bugger off to. It'd certainly be nowhere near scrums or nasty bodily contact, that much was always assured, however. Sulzer wasn't any kind of loss because he was buried behind depth...and Aaron Rome, who out idiot coach had a massive hard spot for. I'm glad he worked out well for you guys; good to see him getting an NHL gig after being misused here.!

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