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09-29-2012, 12:47 AM
Jason Lewis
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Obviously, yea don't take them lightly by any means. I think they are easily a top 10 team, but number 4 is a joke.

Actually I feel like that entire list is a joke.

NJ, Phoenix, are laughable being up there.


I feel is a more realistic group

Also Buffalo being 23 is a joke, as is the ranking of Florida (19) and Colorado (21). Florida is young and will build off last season, Colorado is making steps forward with a youth movement also.

Buffalo had a TERRIBLE start to the season, they nearly missed out on making the playoffs with a late solid run. Hodgson will be a year older and wiser, McNabb looks great, Foligno looks like a legit NHL power forward, they had a TON of injuries including Ennis, Miller, Ehrhoff, Regher, Kaleta, Vanek, Roy, etc etc. (most man games lost if I am not mistaken), and Roy will be gone. He was bringing down a lot of guys, Vanek included. He and TV could NEVER get on the same page.

Colombus is an easy team to pick on, but I feel like they are going to be a lot better then last season. No where near the bottom like they are projected to be.


That would round out my bottom 3.

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