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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
This, pretty much. From what we'd heard, Holmgren asked for Johansen and was told "no", asked again and was told "no, never", and then asked a few more times.
THIS is why Howson has to go if the Jackets are going to be successful.

Sure, he didn't want to give up Johansen, who he drafted and obviously likes a lot. But at the same time...Settling for a secondary player (Carter) just because you didn't like the price, is cheapskate tactics and it doesn't fly in the NHL. You can't just deal for Carter because you don't like the price for Richards. Richards is a cup winner, a leader, a proven performer and the sort of guy you build around. Carter is...a very very good complementary player. They are not even remotely interchangeable at the most detailed level...and more than didn't take a genuis to imagine that Carter+Nash would be a disaster. Those are two fundamentally incompatible players. Richards on the other a perfect fit with what Nash does, has proven chemistry with the guy on the absolute highest stage (Olympics), and is every bit the guy who can push a team to be great. You don't cheap out on that just because the Flyers want a bit more for him...That's bargain basement team management, and classic Howson. Exactly why he can't build a winner, or even decent, respectable team. He honestly doesn't seem to know what he wants, who he wants, or what on earth he's trying to accomplish.

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