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09-29-2012, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by I Am Chariot View Post
He shouldn't be playing over there. None of them should. Their union is as much to blame for the lockout as the owners.... And many of the players in the union won't be offered roster spots and paychecks in bs euro leagues.

They are doing it wrong .... If this lockout goes on for long , the elite players taking vacation jobis near the casinos in Montenegro are half to blame. Show some balls and put the pressure on your representation to get the deal done.
Finally, some one who acknowledges that a union can be at fail. People constantly say "the greedy owners"... When its the players getting the 57% revenue split, no? The owners are asking that it be similar to what other pro sports leagues have establish and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

The union is without a doubt mostly to blame for this lock out. The players are to blame. To them, going over seas and collecting a fact paycheck is just fine. We suffer, the team suffers, the sport in the united states suffers.

If Nash is seriously injured and this lock out goes a full season I am no longer going to watch hockey in the NHL. 20 years I have been following this team. Im barely old enough to have any memories of the 1994 cup run outside of a vivid few, but I have been watching hockey since I was 4.

This should have been a serious year of contention for the Rangers and between Gaboriks injury and now a potential Nash injury and lock out, this could be a null year for the entire NHL. Sorry to vent again folks its just unbelievably frustrating and if any one here knows the pain, its you guys.

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