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Originally Posted by Evilo View Post
My opinion is that there's no problem for people hitting more than 1M€ a year to pay a 75% tax AFTER reaching the 1M€ plateau. Which means that if you "earn" 1.5M€ a year, only 0.5 will be subjected to that 75% tax.

I don't see a problem, these people "earn" that money thanks to people working and paying with much lesser salaries, so really if if they were taxed 100% over 1M€ a year, I wouldn't pity them. Getting 1M€ a year is absolutely non-sense in this world.

So far, it hasn't effected L1 much because quite simply, not many teams can afford to pay a player that much, and the teams that can are able to pay more so that it doesn't affect the player.
30.000 out of 60.000.000 people are concerned. Really it's just media trying to turn something of little importance into something big.

And no, unfortunately, I'm not the richest man in France...
I haven't studied the details of this proposed tax law, but if it works like you described I could see it being a problem for a handful of the few very best players in L1.

While the likes of PSG could pay more to their players to compensate for added taxes (not sure how that would fit the FFP rules though), generally speaking I think the chances of those making 1m+ moving abroad will get sunstantially higher.

How many players make more than 1m+ in salaries (or around 20 000 a week) in L1?

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