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09-29-2012, 10:15 AM
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So anyone else find it completely ridiculous that Rosario basically has no chance to win the NL ROY year award?

He is the leader in RBI, HRs and OPS but yet because he plays a demanding defensive position and hasn't excelled defensively he gets knocked out of the race. Which I find completely baffling that the voters would knock a player out of the race for defensive play when they voted Braun over Tulo a few years back. Braun was so poor as a 3rd basemen they moved him to least demanding positron on the field LF (expect at Coors where RF is the least demanding due to the way the ballpark is built) and he still stunk it up. Where as Tulo played the most demanding position on the field and was a denfensive wizard. Not to mention both had similar offensive numbers but somehow they gave the award to a defensive liability who was probably on HGH.

So basically all this means is if you are a good team, and you put up OK numbers you have a chance to win an award. But if you play on a bad team and put up big numbers like 27 HRs, and 70 RBI in minimal playing time (people forget he has like 100 less ABs than most of the other top rookies) you don't have a chance. What a joke Rosario should either win the award or at minimum be top 2 but he probably won't even finish top 5.

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