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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
No offense but to compare anyone with Orr is ridiculous. Paul Coffey was compared to Orr after scoring 46 in one year and said the comparison was ridiculous. Orr wasnt just about speed. He was amazing. Orr Lemieux Gretzky Howe Richard
I agree that Orr was one of a kind but IMO Savard was better than Coffey. Paul Coffey is the most overrated d-man to ever play the game. He played almost his entire career with Gretzky and Lemieux in their primes. He was really a 4th forward as he almost entirely neglected his defensive duties and was always joining the rush in a time when goalscoring was at an all-time high in the NHL due to a watered down league from expansion and a lack of European talent to fill the newly created jobs. You also have to take into consideration that the science of goaltending was on it's last legs of it's version of the flat earth society (stand up) and the equipment was still tiny.

Savard was just as capable as Coffey was of putting up those numbers in the same circumstance but they were in completely opposite ends of the spectrum when the discussion turns to defensive prowess. Paul Coffey was in the the two most advantagious places in the history of the NHL for an offensive defenceman and he certainly made the most of it. He was still a great talent but people need to view his accomplishments with a little more perspective.

Give me Savard over Coffey every day of the week.

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